Sunlite Packers & Movers : Pathetic

As i was relocating to Bangalore from Hyderabad,so I had booked my household items at Sunlite Movers and Packers Hyderabad on 28th Dec 2013.Due to some unforseen circumstances i had to hold on delivery at Bangalore for 4-5 days atleast till 03-Jan-2014. Accordingly they did not deliver till then and there was no communication in between.On 03-Jan-2014 I got a call from Hyderabad office regarding my delivery.I requested them to deliver atleast by Sunday i.e 05-Jan-2014.

Inspite of my repeated request I was told that the possibility of delivering on Sunday would be less,so the goods would surely be delivered by Monday. Come Monday,6th Jan,till 4pm there was no communication from Sunlite’s Bangalore or Hyderabad office regarding my goods delivery.So i was bit worried and I called their Bangalore office to check the status of my goods.I was told that it would be delivered in next 30 mins and I would be getting a call from the delivery team.

I did not receive any kind of communication for next 2 hours.This put me into doubt, so i called their Bangalore office again.To my surprise ,i was told to that they have received the items from Hyderabad and they asked me to contact Hyderabad office as they had no further idea.I was very confused by their behaviour and all my effort to contact them again went futile as they had switched off their cell phones.

Around 8pm i got another call from a different cell number from Bangalore stating that its too late to deliver the items by today,so they will try to deliver atleast by 7am next day , i.e 07th Jan.But after that no matter how many times i try to contact them there is no response from Sunlite. All of my items were stuck with them and i had none of my household including my beddings,dresses with me.I was carrying on with just 2 pairs of dresses which i had carried with me at the time of coming to bangalore.

Further to my repeated calls,on 7th Jan around 12PM,Sunlite had delivered my goods.Their entire delivery process was totally unprofessional.The driver who had come to deliver my goods didn’t had any kind of official documents like delivery challan,item list,duplicate copy of bill.They just came and dumped my items at my residence.To my dismay, i found my wooden table’s one leg was broken and both the drawers were open too.

I was highly frustrated and felt really bad for choosing Sunlite.From my overall experience i can say Sunlite does not have their own transport service,godowns and delivery team.All are outsourced and there is no co-operation in between them.I do not know how good or bad Sunlite is but i will never recommend Sunlite to anybody.


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