Airtel Broadband : The connection that should be

Writing this review after 2+ months of usage.

After relocating to bangalore from hyderabad, I was in the hunt for a decent broadband ISP.During my stay in Hyderabad, I used to use reliance netconnect+, which was not so good, but was just good enough to check emails, so this time I had decided to go for wired broadband+wifi combo.

Generally I do not like to keep all eggs in one basket.I was already using airtel postpaid connections.So I did not want to go to airtel broadband.Moreover I found airtel to be costlier than the rest.After due diligence and consulting my friends, I chose Tikona, but I had a very very bad cexperience from them, which I have already reviewed in my blog.

Once bitten, twice shy, so I struck off all other ISPs from my list and chose Airtel, unwillingly though.I logged a connection request in airtel’s online portal and within next two days documentation was completed.I was charged Rs 600/- for the installation charges, which included Rs100/- for affidavit too.I chose their free wifi router+4mbps+25GB plan.Within next 2 days, on a saturday their service engineer installed the connection within half an hour and activated my plan.

Since then it has been more than 2 months and I have hardly faced any connection problems.The speed has been consistently over 3.5 mbps.I do face some disconnect intermittently but it would be for few seconds only and I can very well live with it.

On an average I use internet for atleast 3 hours per day and overall I can say that I am very satisfied with the connection and performance has been above my expectation.I will recommend airtel.


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