Attitude Vs Personality

In today’s fast paced environment and stressful conditions, our response mostly depends upon our personality and attitude. Personality, attitude and motivation are the major contributor of our workplace behavior.

Typically, personality is inherent in nature. It is believed to be imbibed in the DNA, but it can also be refined and developed as we learn. Personality exhibits nature of the person who he/she is. On the other hand, attitude is a complex system of thoughts and emotions, that can be changed by self-experience or knowledge. E.g, A person with a specific type of personality may be seen as strong and self-confident, but how he reacts to a situation depends largely on his attitude. Similarly a person who is raised by their parents with love, support and care will have entirely different attitude when comparing with someone who has been raised by abusive parents.

Personality can also be called as a set of psychological and behavioral characteristics that comprises the core character of an individual. Most of the times the core remains the same irrespective of the situations being faced. Attitude is the potential mental and physical capabilities of an individual. They can be either instinctive or gained over a long span of life.

Personalities remain stable most of the time and it is important because it means at different situations, either it can be at work or in personal life, we will not change the personality of the people we will come in touch with. We will try to remain as we are. But attitudes, on the other hand, are subject to change. We believe that our attitudes influences our behavior, so we want to change attitudes as per the situational demand.

Our attitude is impacted by the environment where we grow up and our individual experiences, which tends to build a favorable or unfavorable opinion towards people, environment and situations. Attitude is impacted by our personality and our value system also. People prefer to work and live with people who have a positive attitude towards life. If we feel we lack a positive attitude, then we can improve ourselves, by waking up with a hope and belief that the day is going to be great.


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