Airtel Broadband : The connection that should be

Writing this review after 2+ months of usage.

After relocating to bangalore from hyderabad, I was in the hunt for a decent broadband ISP.During my stay in Hyderabad, I used to use reliance netconnect+, which was not so good, but was just good enough to check emails, so this time I had decided to go for wired broadband+wifi combo.

Generally I do not like to keep all eggs in one basket.I was already using airtel postpaid connections.So I did not want to go to airtel broadband.Moreover I found airtel to be costlier than the rest.After due diligence and consulting my friends, I chose Tikona, but I had a very very bad cexperience from them, which I have already reviewed in my blog.

Once bitten, twice shy, so I struck off all other ISPs from my list and chose Airtel, unwillingly though.I logged a connection request in airtel’s online portal and within next two days documentation was completed.I was charged Rs 600/- for the installation charges, which included Rs100/- for affidavit too.I chose their free wifi router+4mbps+25GB plan.Within next 2 days, on a saturday their service engineer installed the connection within half an hour and activated my plan.

Since then it has been more than 2 months and I have hardly faced any connection problems.The speed has been consistently over 3.5 mbps.I do face some disconnect intermittently but it would be for few seconds only and I can very well live with it.

On an average I use internet for atleast 3 hours per day and overall I can say that I am very satisfied with the connection and performance has been above my expectation.I will recommend airtel.


Munnar Trip : Ok

By March 2014, it had been almost 4 months, i had not gone on any treks or traveled to a new place and my fingers were itching to click snaps.The traveler in me was feeling  uneasy and it was like living in a prison, at-least after my marriage in Feb 2014.Me and my wife had planned to go on a honeymoon trip to any hill station in North India in late February.But due to leave and finance crunch, we had to postpone for some other time.

Come March, at the end of the month there was a long weekend,so we planned to go to any near by hill station,probably a night’s travel from Bangalore.After some “due-diligence” we finalized to go to Munnar on a 3 day trip.As there are no direct trains to Munnar from Bangalore, so we ruled out the travel by train option.Meanwhile,almost all buses were full,but luckily SRS had not opened ticket bookings till 3 weeks before travel date.So finally booked to and fro travel in SRS.We chose Honeymoon cottage in The Wind,Munnar resort for stay and also chose to hire a two wheeler from Gokulam Bike Hire ,run by Sudheer.

We chose The Wind resort, as we wanted to stay atleast 10-15kms away from town to avoid the traffic,noise and also wanted some peace of mind.In all those aspects The Wind did fit our bill.You can read my review about the resort here.After reaching Munnar we hired an Activa from Sudheer ,he was very helpful and guided us also.I would surely recommend his services.

In Munnar , there are places to visit in all the 4 directions from the town.But in all these directions there is one thing that is common,Tea estates.You will find lots of lush green tea estates in any direction you go.Since our stay was in Chinnakanal,which is about 22Kms from Munnar town,we saw tea estates,lockheart gap apart from that we couldn’t find anything worth mentioning.The roads in all the directions are narrow and runs through ghats with lot of curves and sharp turns, so people planning to travel around in two wheelers must take caution.It becomes more difficult to ride after 6pm.

One of the disadvantage of staying in The Wind is,we have to come all the way upto Munnar town before heading to any other direction.Since we had come via Udumalaipet and Idukki so we planned not to cover any places in that route,as it was again full of tea estates and tiny waterfalls here and there.So, the next day we planned to cover Mettupatty(Maadupatty) dam route.We started of with flower garden,after reaching the town.We can surely give a miss, as i could hardly see anything worthwhile in the garden,apart from few bright coloured flowers.We resumed our travel towards the dam, on the way we could see lots of tea estates.

On reaching the dam we could see lot of crowd,people clicking and posing for pics.The dam looked like a bridge built across a lake and we couldn’t find anything amusing apart from the bridge.After clicking few snaps, we resumed towards Echo point,which is just like any other point in any hill station.As you shout,so it echoes.

By this time we had already lost interest in Munnar, so we traveled back the resort and on the way, we had lunch at Rapsy restaurant. After riding back to Chinnakanal there was around 2-3 hours left for sunset, so we traveled towards periyakannal and reached Anayirankal dam,which looks like a proper dam.After clicking few shots,we rode back to our resort.On the last day when we were on our way back, we visited Blossom hydel park,which was just like any other flower park.

Overall ,the munnar trip was slightly disappointing, probably we carried more expectations or we had traveled at the wrong season.There are hardly any interesting places to visit.No doubt we enjoyed the bike ride,pleasant climate in the evening, the lush green tea estates and resort’s location at the edge of cliff was an add advantage.We had some good time, but not a great one.

You can check my snaps here.


Tikona : Worst Customer Service

I am residing at Bangalore and i had bought a broadband connection from Tikona on 15-Feb-2014.I had subscribed ADBBM699 plan,Rs 699/- @2Mbps per month plan.I had to pay Rs 2950/- which included installation charges along with advance rental for 3 months.The installation was successful after some hiccups and I was able to use their internet services for just 45 mins on that day.

The very next day when i tried to connect to internet it failed showing message that “A network cable is unplugged”, whereas i had already plugged in the LAN cable to my laptop. On the same night i called their customer care and registered my complaint.I was told that an engineer would be visiting my home around 7pm on monday i.e 17-Feb-2014.On monday I waited till 08:30PM but no service engineer turned up and there was no call from customer care.I was disappointed ,so i called customer care again and enquired about the reason for not resolving my issue.In turn was told an engineer would call me in an hour and the issue would be resolved.But there was no response from Tikona for next 2 days.

It had been 5 days since installation and i was able to use their internet services for merely 45 mins only.Out of my frustration , i asked Customer care to close my subscription and refund my money as i don’t see any use of paying advance rental.Again on the same day i was requested by them to give one last chance before cancelling the connection. Accordingly, i agreed, only to see the same story is being repeated. I waited till friday i.e 21-Feb-2014, and finally asked them to cancel my subscription once forever.I was told that my subscription would be cancelled and the final settlement process would be done within the next 15 days.

On 27-Feb-2014 i received a bill for February.To my surprise i found that they had included March month’s rental also along with February’s rental and usage amount.I contact customer care to get the bill details clarified, but they had no answer.I had mailed to their appellete Mr.Jayakrishnan. But there was no response from his end too.

The story doesn’t end here.On 28-Feb-2014, i had received an email from Tikona, that my subscription has been terminated and i have to handover the modem and related components to their engineer, within 7 days from the day i received the mail.I tried calling the service engineer at the numbers as mentioned in the mail.But most of the time calls would not be attended or the number remained switched off.Atlast i could talk to Mr.Praveen for one last time and when i inquired him about the procedure he gave me another service engineer’s contact number which never worked.It always remained switched off.

On the whole i can say I had spent Rs 2950/- for using Tikona’s internet services for merely 45 mins only.I am frustrated, disappointed,and feel cheated by Tikona.They should better be renamed as CHEATONA.I have reached Akosha,an online consumer forum to help me in resolving my problems.Inspite of their repeated try still Tikona hasn’t responded.I did a big mistake by choosing Tikona.I hope other subscribers are not mistreated like me.

Update (29-May-2014):
Finally ,my 3 month long struggle against Tikona’s unethical practice of cheating customers ends.Today I received my refund and it was all due to help and guidance from Strangely, they don’t even have a courtsey to beg apologies for the way they have treated a customer.Never in my life i will choose Tikona, nor i will recommend.

Sunlite Packers & Movers : Pathetic

As i was relocating to Bangalore from Hyderabad,so I had booked my household items at Sunlite Movers and Packers Hyderabad on 28th Dec 2013.Due to some unforseen circumstances i had to hold on delivery at Bangalore for 4-5 days atleast till 03-Jan-2014. Accordingly they did not deliver till then and there was no communication in between.On 03-Jan-2014 I got a call from Hyderabad office regarding my delivery.I requested them to deliver atleast by Sunday i.e 05-Jan-2014.

Inspite of my repeated request I was told that the possibility of delivering on Sunday would be less,so the goods would surely be delivered by Monday. Come Monday,6th Jan,till 4pm there was no communication from Sunlite’s Bangalore or Hyderabad office regarding my goods delivery.So i was bit worried and I called their Bangalore office to check the status of my goods.I was told that it would be delivered in next 30 mins and I would be getting a call from the delivery team.

I did not receive any kind of communication for next 2 hours.This put me into doubt, so i called their Bangalore office again.To my surprise ,i was told to that they have received the items from Hyderabad and they asked me to contact Hyderabad office as they had no further idea.I was very confused by their behaviour and all my effort to contact them again went futile as they had switched off their cell phones.

Around 8pm i got another call from a different cell number from Bangalore stating that its too late to deliver the items by today,so they will try to deliver atleast by 7am next day , i.e 07th Jan.But after that no matter how many times i try to contact them there is no response from Sunlite. All of my items were stuck with them and i had none of my household including my beddings,dresses with me.I was carrying on with just 2 pairs of dresses which i had carried with me at the time of coming to bangalore.

Further to my repeated calls,on 7th Jan around 12PM,Sunlite had delivered my goods.Their entire delivery process was totally unprofessional.The driver who had come to deliver my goods didn’t had any kind of official documents like delivery challan,item list,duplicate copy of bill.They just came and dumped my items at my residence.To my dismay, i found my wooden table’s one leg was broken and both the drawers were open too.

I was highly frustrated and felt really bad for choosing Sunlite.From my overall experience i can say Sunlite does not have their own transport service,godowns and delivery team.All are outsourced and there is no co-operation in between them.I do not know how good or bad Sunlite is but i will never recommend Sunlite to anybody.